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Altitude Comedy Festival

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Music in Resort

We all need music whilst working away. It might be to get thru another day of boring caravan cleans or maybe to relax to.  There are many options for playing music headphones, speakers , iPod docks etc. Below find our favorite mp3 speakers to keep you sane and partying all season long.

 X-Mi X Mini II
Introducing the x-mi x mini II the small speaker that punches well above its weight. The volume these little speakers are capable of is unreal for there size. Thanks to there unique extendable vacuum which mimics the resonance of a sub-woofer the produce explosive volume ten times there actual size. The size is the biggest selling point for us as they take up very little room in a bag or pocket. Plus if ones not enough for you they can be plugged in in a chain for even more volume.

AZATOM® iFlute
The azatom iFlute is the perfect solution for all you i phone users it can be powered by mains , usb or 4 AA Battery's. Made from solid alliminium meaning that its going to hold up well whilst traveling and the great  advantage its size only 19.5 x 4.5 x 5 cm whilst only weighing 177g. You will be hard pushed to find an i-pod dock of this standard for the same price.

Veho M4
The veho m4 is a great little gadget not only is it a speaker with both 3.5 line in and Bluetooth technology but it also a micro sd card slot so it becomes its own mp3 player. Perfect to stick in your pocket for chilling out on the beach or the mountain. The internal battery claims to last 5 hours but mine gets around 6 and half at full volume. The sound is fantastic for a device measuring only 6.5 x 5.5 cm

Kitsound Mini Penguin Speaker
Its a keyring , its a speaker, its a penguin and its under a tenner need i say more on  this one.
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Resort Guide@ Alpe d'Huez

Alpe d'Huez is one of the big player resorts in the alps up there with others like val d'sere and la pagne. Featuring a variety of slopes including the longest run in Europe - La Sarenne (16km) and also the infamous Tunnel run (300m)

Gondolas and fast chairs are the main lifts though there are a few old chairs and drag-lifts around. Quese are mainly at village level but the DMC lift clears the ques quickly

There are two parks in alpe d'huez. The larger of the two is  beside the beginner runs near the DMC lifts first station. This park is perfect for all levels with a number of small obstacles for introductions to parkriding. upon entering the park you are greated with a sign indicating the four difficulty levels running right from left. Each run has around 3-4 rails or boxes and around 4 kickers.
The snow parks are now equipped with automated filming systems. Skiers and snowboarders, simply log in with there ski pass, take there run and watch the video back on the big screen. These videos can then be downloaded via a computer.

There are many great bars in and around alpe d'huez
  • Freeride (with ist slide down to the toilets)
  • The underground
  • pacific bar
  • o'sharkeys
  • Crowed House
All these bars are worth checking out and have regular live music , theme nights and drink promotions.

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Working a Ski Season. Packing Guide

So you have been offered your job and your all excited about leaving the challenge you now face is what to pack. Here is our hand list of items you should consider taking.


 Your going to need a ski jacket and some ski pants some companies do supply company clothing but do you want to be answering customer questions on your time off. Your also going to want to look the part on the mountain so head over to Blue Tomato to buy the latest fashion on the slopes

Mid/Base Layers

If your heading up into the mountains your going to need thermals. I personally would take a few pairs with you your gonna be wearing them a lot.


Don't forget a descent pair of gloves or mitts you have got to keep your hands warm. We recommend the Oakley Sadplant Glove


Socks,socks and more socks. We cant stress this enough you need socks both normal and ski socks


 OK so the passport probably goes without saying going abroad and all but take a couple of photocopies with you just incase something happens to the original.

Adapter plug

You wont be able to work any electronics without an adapter plug. Even better get a European Multi Travel Adapter and you can plug 4 English plugs into i socket.

Alarm Clock

Your bed might not always be near a socket and phones don't always last the night so its worth taking a battery powered alarm clock to make sure your up nice and early to hit the powder or serve breakfast.


Its always nice to have photos up of your friends and family. I like to look at mine and think about my poor friends working there 9-5 jobs.

First Aid Kit

Its a good idea to take a Small First Aid Kit with you because accidents can happen. Might be a good idea to put painkillers in as-well because hangovers are guaranteed.


Toiletries can be expensive in the mountains and the selection can be sparce so its worth taking some out with you especially if you like a particular brand. 


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Job Description: Nanny/Child care

The role of childcare or nanny is one with the least amount of slope time this tends to get made up for in the bar in the evenings.

Companies usually require Nanny's to hold relevant qualifications such as a level3 NVQ they will also have to undergo a CRB check.

The role mainly involve working with children from 3 months to 4 years.
A typical day would be (Esprite ski example):

8:30 drop of time and freeplay
Mid morning snack
Nap time or creative sessions with paints stickers or other craft activities
Lunch prepared by staff
Nap time or a structured activity
outdoor fun (Depending on weather)
Pick up 5:30

For this role it is important to be hard working, dedicated and creative to make sure the children have as enjoyable time as possible.

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Job Description: Chalet Host

The role of chalet host varies between company but generally will see you working closely with the chalet chef to create a warm and welcoming environment for your guests.

Chalet hosts need to be warm friendly people and will usually work seven days a week.
Although most company's dont require formal qualification previous experience in the hospitality or catering sectors are sought after.

Many company's will require a sample meal plan to be submitted with your application.The average food budget is €7 per person per day, including wine. For advice on this visit our preparing for interview or creating a meal plan pages.

Duties include

  • Meeting and greeting guests on arrival and helping them to settle into the chalet and resort 
  • Liaising with concierge to make bookings and reservations
  • Assisting a chalet chef in providing a luxury catered service, 6 days a week, including basic food preparation, laying the table, serving and clearing
  • Ensuring that the chalet is immaculate for the guestsà€™ arrival, as well as cleaning the chalet on a daily basis to a high standard
  • Being responsible for the immediate reporting and resolution of all maintenance problems
  • Checking guests into the chalet and helping guests with any queries, general questions and activity or restaurant bookings
  • Being available to assist in other areas of the resort when required
  • Keeping the areas surrounding the properties clean and free from ice and snow

Perks of the job
  • Leftover booze
  • Good slope time
  • Great Customers
The downside
  • Cleaning toilets
  • Horrible Customers
  • Early starts
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Resort Guide@ Val D'isere

Known for its wild nightlife and variety of entertainment val d'isere is where the nouveau riche like to ski and party and a favorite for season workers.
Val d'isere along with tignes is part of the ski area espace kelly and offers  huge areas for both  piste and off piste skiing.
For those seeking adventure you can ski the mens olympic downhill run La Face or for those with experience the hardest run on the mountain  Foret a steep black run thru the trees.
Head up the mont blanc chair and you will find the world renowned board park  featuring kickers suitable for both beginners and  the more experienced.

For those working in the resort it is worth taking advantage of the card offered by the association Vie Val d'isere. The Card Costs 18 Euros and gets workers discounts in bars, Shops, The Cinema and the casino.

Val d'isere is reputed as having the best night life in the alps. Great for your social life not so great when your working early the next day

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