Working a Ski Season. Packing Guide

So you have been offered your job and your all excited about leaving the challenge you now face is what to pack. Here is our hand list of items you should consider taking.


 Your going to need a ski jacket and some ski pants some companies do supply company clothing but do you want to be answering customer questions on your time off. Your also going to want to look the part on the mountain so head over to Blue Tomato to buy the latest fashion on the slopes

Mid/Base Layers

If your heading up into the mountains your going to need thermals. I personally would take a few pairs with you your gonna be wearing them a lot.


Don't forget a descent pair of gloves or mitts you have got to keep your hands warm. We recommend the Oakley Sadplant Glove


Socks,socks and more socks. We cant stress this enough you need socks both normal and ski socks


 OK so the passport probably goes without saying going abroad and all but take a couple of photocopies with you just incase something happens to the original.

Adapter plug

You wont be able to work any electronics without an adapter plug. Even better get a European Multi Travel Adapter and you can plug 4 English plugs into i socket.

Alarm Clock

Your bed might not always be near a socket and phones don't always last the night so its worth taking a battery powered alarm clock to make sure your up nice and early to hit the powder or serve breakfast.


Its always nice to have photos up of your friends and family. I like to look at mine and think about my poor friends working there 9-5 jobs.

First Aid Kit

Its a good idea to take a Small First Aid Kit with you because accidents can happen. Might be a good idea to put painkillers in as-well because hangovers are guaranteed.


Toiletries can be expensive in the mountains and the selection can be sparce so its worth taking some out with you especially if you like a particular brand.