Music in Resort

We all need music whilst working away. It might be to get thru another day of boring caravan cleans or maybe to relax to.  There are many options for playing music headphones, speakers , iPod docks etc. Below find our favorite mp3 speakers to keep you sane and partying all season long.

 X-Mi X Mini II
Introducing the x-mi x mini II the small speaker that punches well above its weight. The volume these little speakers are capable of is unreal for there size. Thanks to there unique extendable vacuum which mimics the resonance of a sub-woofer the produce explosive volume ten times there actual size. The size is the biggest selling point for us as they take up very little room in a bag or pocket. Plus if ones not enough for you they can be plugged in in a chain for even more volume.

AZATOM® iFlute
The azatom iFlute is the perfect solution for all you i phone users it can be powered by mains , usb or 4 AA Battery's. Made from solid alliminium meaning that its going to hold up well whilst traveling and the great  advantage its size only 19.5 x 4.5 x 5 cm whilst only weighing 177g. You will be hard pushed to find an i-pod dock of this standard for the same price.

Veho M4
The veho m4 is a great little gadget not only is it a speaker with both 3.5 line in and Bluetooth technology but it also a micro sd card slot so it becomes its own mp3 player. Perfect to stick in your pocket for chilling out on the beach or the mountain. The internal battery claims to last 5 hours but mine gets around 6 and half at full volume. The sound is fantastic for a device measuring only 6.5 x 5.5 cm

Kitsound Mini Penguin Speaker
Its a keyring , its a speaker, its a penguin and its under a tenner need i say more on  this one.